Version Control Source

Deploy Monk makes it easy for you to deploy your projects directly from your code repository hosted at your favorite Version Control Source (VCS) provider. We've integrations for GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.

Once connected, you can head to your projects projects and start deploying your repository to your cloud server.

We use industry-standard protocol for authorization OAuth 2.0 to access to your VCS provider account and the data is saved securely with industry-standard encryption AES-256-CBC. You can remove the access anytime you'd like.

Current availability of providers

  1. GitHub
  2. GitLab
  3. Bitbucket (coming soon)

List of VCS providers

You can access list of VCS providers by going to your ConsoleVCS

Connecting VCS account

Select the VCS provider you would like to deploy projects to and click on Connect Account button. You can connect only one account for each providers.

Refreshing list of repositories

When you connect the VCS account, we fetch and store the details of your repositories. In case you create a new repository which is not listed in your console, click on Reconnect button to update the list of repositories.