Deploy your front-end, back-end and database services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) easily using Deploy Monk.

List of AWS accounts

You can access list of AWS accounts by going to your ConsoleCloudAWS

Connecting AWS account

Before you begin, you'll need to obtain IAM credentials from AWS console. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open AWS console and head to IAM management
  2. In the left menu under Access Management, select Users
  3. Click on Add User button
  4. Enter following:
    • User name - enter a user name
    • Access type - select Programmatic access
  5. Click on Next: Permission button
  6. Under Set Permission select Attach existing policies directly tab
    • Search for AmazonEC2FullAccess and select it
    • Search for AmazonRoute53FullAccess and select it
  7. Click on Next: Tags button
  8. Click on Next: Review button
  9. Click on Create user button

Back on Deploy Monk, click on Connect Account button

Copy the User, Access key ID and Secret access key and click on Save button

Multiple AWS account

You can connect multiple AWS accounts. Just click on Connect Another Account button to add multiple account.